Grail Mushanga Health Unit in Uganda

Medical and social care for orphans.

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Mutual support helps orphans for their future

The Grail" is an international movement of Christian women, which is especially active in medical and social programmes for women and girls, in education and in overcoming poverty worldwide. The movement runs several centres in Uganda. One of them is the "Grail Centre" in Mushanga. Due to the infection with AIDS or other diseases and the loss of one or both parents, the affected children usually suffer trauma. In addition, they are burdened with an enormous responsibility with regard to taking over the household and caring for their parents and siblings. In addition, school education is severely neglected as a result. To counteract these devastating circumstances, the centre offers various services through the "Mushaga Health Unit": Prevention work, home care, medical care, health education and support for school attendance.

Through the Home Care Programme, staff are sent to patients in surrounding communities to care for them at home or, if necessary, accompany them to the health centres for treatment. In addition, there are specially trained volunteers who are sent to the community as counsellors to care for up to ten affected families. The programme "Education for the Life of Youth" is aimed at young people who are infected themselves or whose family members are infected, or who have to cope with the loss of infected relatives. Here they are offered a safe space to talk about their everyday concerns.

In line with the philosophy "Each One Teach One", another programme is offered in which young people support each other. The comprehensive care pursues the goal of mitigating the medical, social and economic impact of illness and poverty. Through the support of Aktion Canchanabury, the school fees and the medical and social care of the orphans can be financed.

School fees and medical and social care for about 400 orphans.

2021: EUR 15,276.00

The Grail Community Mushanga
Sister Angelica Nsiimenta

  • Project number: AC 5606
  • Cooperation partner: Grail National Leadership Team Kampala/ Uganda
  • In contact since: 2006
  • Projectlocation: Project based in Mushanga, working in the districts of Sheema and Mbarara in the diocese of the same name, Mbarara, in south-western Uganda.

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