Creating the framework for a self-determined life

Helping people to help themselves is a key principle of our work in the countries of Africa. The goal is always to get our projects out of dependence on our funding. This works well with some projects and we have indeed already received the message from long-term partners: "Thank you very much for your support, but we no longer need your help! On the other hand, other projects, e.g. for health care and education for children and young people, will continue to be charitable and dependent on our support.

Self-help means finding the way to a self-determined life, becoming active oneself, taking responsibility, securing one's existence by acting on one's own responsibility. In doing so, our task is to provide people with the skills and know-how they need to initiate an income-generating activity: To open a small business with what they grow themselves; to start a business activity; to create the legal and social framework in communities to be able to realise projects collectively.

It is also important not to lose sight of social provision and, for example, to link health insurance and school visits with these micro-loans so that an independent, self-supporting structure can grow here as well.