Support for women means help for the whole family

The fight against poverty and for better health in Africa depends crucially on women. They earn a living, take care of the household, the livestock and the fields, and raise the children. 70% of the poor are women. Women are discriminated against in terms of property and inheritance. Although they own only 10% of the land, they manage 80% of all agriculture. They get less credit and are less educated. In addition, there is a high propensity for violence against women.

Children are a status symbol in Africa. Women and girls often become pregnant unplanned because the necessary education and sexuality education are largely lacking.

Women and girls are considered inferior, also in terms of schooling: If the parents do not have the school fees for all their children, the boys are allowed to continue. Yet education is fundamental: if girls go to school and have degrees, they can build a self-determined life for themselves. Financial independence (e.g. through microcredits) helps women to organise themselves in a self-determined and self-confident way.