2 AD (Amitié et Action pour le Développement) in Togo

Awareness campaign, football project and care programme for AIDS orphans.

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Together against Aids: From the street to the square and the school

Street children or AIDS orphans grow up without solid social ties. They often lose all trust in others, are left to fend for themselves and are preoccupied with their own daily struggle for survival. Through football, they learn to achieve something together with others and to trust again. They learn that they are good for something - and most importantly: life can also be fun!

Football is supposed to give courage and create perspectives for children and young people who have to grow up under the effects of diseases, wars or ethnic conflicts. Football teams consisting of AIDS orphans and street children have been formed on the football pitches in the various districts and suburbs of Lomé. These are coached by a trained football coach. Football tournaments with teams from the other districts are organised and thus bring the children and young people "from the street to the pitch". Training sessions are also used in a mostly playful way for AIDS education and prevention.

HIV is still widespread in Togo as well. The project "Together against Aids" aims to reduce the number of HIV-positive people by changing behaviour in the target areas and to educate the rural population about Aids. The campaign uses a mobile street theatre to perform entertaining sketches in busy places such as markets or train stations. Everyday situations are depicted that show how one can become infected with HIV. In addition, condoms, T-shirts and leaflets with easy-to-understand illustrations are distributed to convey the topic in an easy-to-understand and memorable way. The project also cares for orphans, which is done by volunteers. They are responsible for providing the children with medical and social counselling and making sure that they attend school regularly.

The support makes it possible to finance the awareness campaign "Together against Aids", the football project and the care of 20 orphans.

2023: EUR 21,013.00

2 AD (Amitié et Action pour le Développement)

Koumana Bogra
Lomé / Togo

  • Project number: AC 5625
  • In contact since: 1993
  • Location of the project: various districts in the capital Lomé

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