Sharing Youth Centre in Uganda

AIDS prevention and training/integration programme for refugees and disadvantaged young people

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Awareness and good education are the best weapons against poverty

Since 2005, Aktion Canchanabury has been working with the Sharing Youth Center, the largest youth centre in Kampala. Under the motto "Education and Encounter", the Sharing Youth Centre sees itself as an open youth centre as well as a training centre for young people between the ages of eight and 25 from the slums in Kampala. The centre offers a wide range of sports, educational and awareness-raising activities, such as basketball, computer courses, tutoring and the "Behaviour Change Programme". The "Behaviour Change Programme" is HIV/AIDS prevention work in which the young people are informed about the dangers and modes of transmission of HIV/AIDS by means of various workshops, but they also have the opportunity to ask questions that concern them. In addition, the young people have the opportunity to learn a trade as a carpenter, metal worker, cook, tailor or hairdresser. The versatile offer of the Share Youth Centre aims to strengthen and support young people from poorer families outside Kampala and to open up vocational perspectives for them. Due to the large premises of the centre, events such as plays, talent shows or football matches can always take place, bringing together the young people and the people from the communities.

The youth centre is largely self-financing, as the in-house craft and training businesses receive numerous orders from the region. In addition, the centre's large event hall is constantly booked for weddings, receptions, congresses and many other events. The catering for the events is of course done by the trainee cooks and home economists.

Since 2019, there has been the "Refugee Project", which is intended to offer refugees from other African countries the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship in Uganda. The young people do this together with Ugandan trainees - this is how real integration can take place.


Covering the costs of four "Behaviour Chance Workshops", education about the dangers of AIDS, financing the "Refugee Project", training program for young refugees

2022: EUR 24,527.15



Sharing Youth Centre
Father Hilaire Guinko
Kampala/ Uganda

  • Project number: AC 5616
  • Cooperation partner: Africa Missionaries White Fathers, Uganda
  • In contact since: 2005
  • Project location: Southern part of Kampala, the capital of Uganda, at the intersection of several slums and social hotspots.



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