Dr Mukwege Center in Burkina Faso

Medical help for violated women.

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Vision of holistic help for women

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr Denis Mukwege's Panzi Hospital in Congo treats women who have been victims of sexual violence. He is one of the world's leading specialists for abdominal injuries in women.

Inspired by this mission statement, the Dr. Mukwege Centre in Burkina Faso, established in 2017, also works: the health centre treats women affected by HIV or victims of sexual violence and offers them holistic treatment by providing medical, psychological, social and legal care. Dr Denis Mukwege's vision is to improve women's health, thereby improving the quality of life of the whole family. In addition, the concept includes strengthening gender equality by involving fathers.

Financial support for medical staff: The center is visited four times a month by a trained doctor, in emergencies and more frequently if necessary. The ongoing care of patients is provided by medical professionals from the village. After five years, when the center is self-sustaining, the center will have its own doctor.

2023: 18,000 € (financing of running costs)
2023: 295,434.42 € (container shipment with medical supplies for health center)


Dr Mukwege Center / Yennenga Progress
Stina Berge
Nakamtenga, Municipality Ziniare / Burkina Faso

  • Project number: AC 5803
  • In contact since: 2017
  • Project location: Nakamtenga / Burkina Faso
  • Project executing agency: Yennenga Progress, c/o Stina Berge, Stockholm / Sweden

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