CIDI Training Centre for Gardening and Landscaping in Uganda

Vocational training for orphans and disadvantaged youth in the field of horticulture

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Training with a job guarantee

In the garden school, a project of the Ugandan NGO, Community Integrated Development Initiative (CIDI), young people without school-leaving qualifications have the chance to start a career: they receive a two-year apprenticeship in which they learn everything about plant cultivation, vegetable production and the creation of kitchen gardens and ornamental gardens. Until now, there was no apprenticeship in horticulture and landscaping in Uganda. This is what makes this horticultural school CIDI so unique, because with the many western companies, institutions, non-governmental organisations and embassies in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, there is a great need for knowledgeable gardeners.

The project is primarily aimed at young people aged 15 and over who have had to leave school for financial or family reasons and cannot afford the tuition fees for an apprenticeship. At the end of the training, they prove their acquired knowledge and skills by passing a state-recognised examination. With a completed training, the graduates benefit on several levels: They have better chances on the labour market (every graduate has found a job so far); they improve the living conditions of their families by earning a regular income; and they pass on their knowledge, especially about food cultivation, to their families and neighbours. In addition to education, there is the possibility of taking courses in areas such as pottery, floristry, computer-aided design, reading class and many more, thus gaining knowledge in a wide range of areas.

Some trainees already have part-time jobs parallel to their training and can thus gain practical experience in the working world. Life-skill classes" are held once a month. The lessons focus on non-violent communication, health, AIDS and HIV, future prospects and the relationship between boys and girls.

Financing of school fees, travel costs and meals for 20 needy young people.

2023: EUR 8,006.50

Community Integrated Development Initiative
CIDI Training Centre for Gardening and Landscaping
Maria Kaweese

Kampala / Uganda

  • Project number: AC 5604
  • Cooperation partner: Community Integrated Development Initiative, Uganda
  • In contact since: 2009
  • Project location: Kampala, capital of Uganda

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