Donations for special occasions

Do something good for others with birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or even funerals - in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Give the gift of the future: Donations instead of gifts

From a telephone conversation with a long-time donor:

"I would like to do something meaningful for others who are not so well off and who cannot fulfil their wishes. In return, I am happy to do without personal gifts!


There are many different occasions on which people receive gifts or even monetary donations: birthdays, (silver or golden) weddings, births, exams passed, service or company anniversaries, illnesses overcome or milestones reached (marathon, crossing the Alps, high school graduation, etc.), but also deaths in the family.
Use these occasions to promote something meaningful in the long term. Take the joy and gratitude, the pride or even the grief over the loss of a loved one as an occasion to do good through donations and to support people in need!


Suitable funding projects for your special occasion donation

We offer a wide range of funding opportunities and the right project for your cause. This can be support for orphans, new school desks for a class, education or vaccination programmes, football projects, support for women's initiatives, training of medical staff, equipping health stations or the construction of a well.
We will be happy to advise you on finding the right project for your event and always have applications from our partners in the drawer for which we previously lacked the necessary funds. Just give us a call!


Our service for your event

Once you have decided on an occasion donation and found a suitable project, we are happy to offer you various materials or services on request:

- project-related photo invitation cards
- Short project information for your guests
- Collection tins, collection basket from Africa, African decorative material etc.
- joint thank-you notes to donors by arrangement
- Dispatch of donation receipts
- Information about the progress of the project