Comboni Samaritan Centre in Gulu, Uganda

Medical and social care for civil war orphans.

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Traumatised children and young people receive security, medical care, schooling and a new home.

In the fight against the government troops, the rebels of the "Lord Resistance Army" (LRA) have been murdering, looting and raping the villages in Acholi Land in northern Uganda for decades since 1987. The violence was increasingly directed against their own population. The villages and hamlets were raided, the adults killed and the children abducted and raped to make them fighters for the LRA.

The war may be over, but the consequences and traumas weigh heavily. The project has set itself the goal of helping these traumatised children and young people, some of whom have HIV and have been abandoned by their families, and to pave their way back to a normal life in small steps. It takes an infinite amount of patience, understanding and loving care to give these children a sense of security and a new home. The "Comboni Samaritan Centre" in Gulu now cares for over 1,100 children affected by the war - and many more are still waiting for help.

Aktion Canchanabury provides funding to support 100 particularly difficult cases. This includes funding for school fees, psychotherapeutic and medical care, and financial support for foster families.

Financing of psychotherapeutic and medical care for children and young people, payment of school fees, financial support for foster families. 116 children and young people from particularly difficult backgrounds are cared for.

2023: EUR 52,038.90

Combon Samaritans of Gulu
Sister Giovanna Calabria
Gulu / Uganda
- Project number: AC 5656
- Cooperation partner: Comboni Samaritans of Gulu
- In contact since: 2016
- Project location: Gulu and surrounding villages in northern Uganda

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