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With a sponsorship from Aktion Canchanabury, you give a traumatised child a new home with a foster family or relative, enable him or her to attend school or an education and provide for his or her medical care.

Our project partners look after the kids very individually. They are in personal contact with the children, with the schools and teachers and also with the "substitute parents", the "Guardian Angels". Our goal is to give as many needy children as possible the courage to face life again and a new perspective.

The kids and their foster parents are supported on various levels and made fit for the future:

Education: The people, often illiterate, need comprehensive information about HIV/Aids. The aim is to overcome prejudices, fears and rumours so that those who are ill are not expelled from the community of their families, villages or neighbourhoods. Of course, comprehensive prevention and education work should also reduce infection rates.

Organisation: The various initiatives have to organise themselves in order to build up a network of volunteers. It is not uncommon for several hundred people to work together in such networks. They take care of the children and look for ways to place them in existing families.

Qualifications: The volunteer women and men usually do not have any pedagogical knowledge. They are trained in various advanced training measures to understand the special situation of the children. The orphans have experienced the slow death of their parents and often cared for them until the end. They need a lot of attention to come to terms with this event. In this context, it is particularly important to inform the children about the disease and its course. If the children themselves are infected with HIV, the host families need advice and support to be able to care for the children properly.
Through its project partners, Aktion Canchanabury provides these families with funds to care for the orphans. Medical care for the children is also provided and school fees are paid in full. In addition, preventive measures for the children and information events for the Guardians are offered.


Sponsorship model of action

As a small aid organisation, we have a sponsorship model that can be managed without much bureaucratic effort: Our partners send us lists of children who have been accepted into the school and health programme. We guarantee them a certain amount of money to support these children. Our sponsors then refinance these programmes with their donation. We then pass on the information to our sponsors, i.e. the name, the school and the class the child goes to.

Contact with the children

During project visits, we see the children, talk to them, the teachers and the Guardians about problems and then try to improve them together with the project partners. Often children give us letters or pictures. But unfortunately it is not possible to get in touch with the children themselves. We have to explain why: because this usually leads to expectations on both sides and can lead to great disappointment. We want all children to be treated equally!

How your sponsorship donation is used

The amount for a sponsorship is an average amount for school fees, lunch, materials, as the costs vary greatly in the city, in the country and also from country to country.

As you can see, your donation goes directly to the children. You can transfer your contribution monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually by standing order or direct debit to our donation account.

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