Supporting membership

Long-term help and support for our projects

Become a supporting member of Aktion Canchanabury!

With a sustaining membership, you regularly support the project work of Aktion Canchanabury. And we in turn can support our project partners in the long term and sustainably with these contributions. In addition, the administrative effort and thus also the administrative costs are reduced. Thanks to calculable incoming donations, we can give our project partners reliable funding commitments and thus fulfil our mission for more health and education for needy people in Africa more easily.
The amount of your sponsorship contribution to Aktion Canchanabury is up to you, we are happy about every Euro. You also decide the frequency of your donation.

Sponsoring membership without earmarking

You can either transfer this self-determined amount "without earmarking", in which case we will give your donation to where we need your support most at the moment.

Earmarked sponsoring membership

However, you can also support a specific project of Aktion Canchanabury on a regular basis: Simply indicate this when making the transfer. A standing order is also possible as well as a SEPA direct debit from your account.


Become a supporting member now!

You decide how much, how long and for what. And we then make sure that your membership fee turns into real help. It's nice when the right decision is so simple ...