Kopeme Group in Togo

Establishment of a regional health insurance fund, a savings club and a caravan of health.

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A bank for the village ensures entrepreneurship and more health

The "Caravan of Health" is a project that accompanies Kopeme Bank in its activities based on a social business model. The "Caravan of Health" aims to enable Kopeme Bank's customers to afford better medical care. By granting micro-loans to the rural population, it supports the fight against local poverty, promotes health and thus contributes to improving the living conditions of the population in the region. Through awareness-raising, counselling and training, it aims to educate the rural population about prevention methods and disease treatment options.

The main target group of the project are the customers of Kopeme Bank and thus the rural population. The number of those requesting this programme is around 20,000 people organised in traditional savings and credit clubs in the villages. By paying an annual membership fee of 1,250 Francs (approx. 2€), the clients of the bank can benefit from a free monthly consultation, free initial treatment and access to low-cost medicines through an outpatient pharmacy. Each member receives a membership card as well as a health booklet that documents the results of the examinations and treatments. For medical matters that go beyond the services of the caravan, those affected can take out a loan to pay for the treatments or special medicines. It also creates access to low-cost medicines thanks to an outpatient pharmacy.


Expansion of the "Caravane de Santé", construction of a health center and financing of a doctor at the Yikpa health center.

2022: 33.630,23 EUR (Health station Yikpa)



Kopeme Group - Vogan/Togo
Jérôme Dodji Fiayiwo
Lomé / Togo

  • Project number: AC 5718
  • Cooperation partner: Promotion des Organisations Humaines (Promo OrgaH)
  • In contact since: 2009
  • Location of the project: The working area is the prefecture of Vo (capital Vogan), consisting of 100 larger villages, Vogan is located 50 kilometres from Lomé, the capital of Togo.


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