Coordination Provinciale Lèpre et Tuberculose (CPLT) in Ituri Province, Congo

Leprosy and TB control

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Basic medical care for people in a war-torn region

Since 1963, Aktion Canchanabury has been active in the Congolese province of Ituri as the executing agency of the ALTI project, which aimed to combat leprosy and tuberculosis and operated primarily from the centres in the towns of Bunia, Badiya and Aru. Due to the civil war that lasted from 1998 to 2003, it was necessary to rebuild, restructure and expand the programme to the entire region. As Action Canchanabury was not able to provide the financial resources for this on its own, the responsibility for the leprosy and tuberculosis coordination was handed over to the Belgian organisation "Fondation Damien" in 2007. Among other things, a site purchased by Action Canchanabury in Bunia was made available.

From now on, Aktion Canchanabury supports the ALTI follow-up programme called CPLT by contributing to personnel and operating costs. In this way, basic medical care and above all tuberculosis control can be secured for the rural population in the Ituri region.


Ensuring primary health care by contributing to the personnel and operating costs for the treatment and control of leprosy and tuberculosis.

2021: 10,0000.00 EUR


Coordination Provinciale Lèpre et Tuberculose (CPLT)
Dr. Jean-Marie Mpapa (local project leader)

  • Project number: AC 5512
  • Cooperation partner: Fondation Damien/Belgium
  • In contact since: 2007 (formerly ALTI since 1963)
  • Project location: Ituri province (approx. 3.6 million inhabitants) in the north-east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.


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